Who we are

Meet Jon

Founder and Managing Director

I’m not your typical IT guy. For starters, I wear a suit. But the differences go far deeper than that. I’m not in IT to make millions. Or because advances in technology excite me (even if they do).

I’m in IT for three reasons:

1. I’m a problem solver.

An analytical thinker who loves to make things work. To make them work better.
To ensure they deliver value.

2. I like people.

I like helping them. I like talking with them. Understanding their challenges. Helping them achieve what they are working towards.

3. I understand business.

The bigger picture if you like. That IT isn’t the ‘be all’ and ‘end all’. That it serves a greater purpose. That it needs to deliver value.

The way IT Management should be

Jon created Sutton ITM over a decade ago. Frustrated by a lack of true ‘service’ providers, he saw the opportunity to create an IT Management Co where service was the number one priority. Putting the client’s needs first. Working as an extension of their team to achieve a common goal. Building relationships, rather than facilitating transactions.

Ten years on, Jon has achieved what he set out to achieve. He and his team provide clients in a variety of sectors with a refreshingly different kind of IT Management. One where they are a member of the team – the IT Manager. Where they make a far greater contribution than just keeping everything running. Where they work with others in the business to advance the business.


Our Values:







Working for businesses like yours

Over the last 30 years we’ve seen technology transform businesses. We’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes, in many sectors, to ensure that transformation benefits the business. Our experience and knowledge is vast. But our focus is specific – using technology to deliver a bottom line benefits.


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