The three critical IT things to check before heading back to the office

With just two weeks to go until Victoria begins opening up again now is the time to check your IT systems, processes and policies are up to scratch and ready to go – so you and your team can hit the ground running. 

1. Check your backup systems are working (and that your team has been saving files where they should be saving them)
With everyone working from home there’s a good chance that some bad habits may have crept in… Especially if people have had trouble accessing the server. To get on the front foot, make sure that:

  • All files are being stored in the same locations they were previously.
  • That staff are instructed to move and store any documents they’ve been saving on their computers to the server.
  • Automatic back-ups have continued throughout the lockdown period. 

2. Everyone can access the files they need, but none of the ones they shouldn’t be 
It is possible that some access settings may have changed over the last couple of months as updates have been applied – so make sure that access protocols are still in place, or updated, before you get back to the office.

3. Email filters are up to date and in place
When it comes to cyber security email is your greatest risk and the main access point for malware. Make sure that email filters are still in place (or get then in place asap if you didn’t have them to begin with). Email filters check and scan all emails BEFORE they hit your inbox, preventing the nasty ones from getting through. With hackers getting  more and more sophisticated, picking the ‘dodgy’ emails is getting more and more difficult – making email filtering an essential.

The fast changing and evolving nature of IT means that regularly reviewing your policies and procedures is a must. But, it doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming – a regular check once month is all it takes. So why not use this lockdown to get you and your business into the habit of checking policies and procedures regularly? Naturally, if you need help, we’re here to help.

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